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Meet Meredith

Functional Medicine
Certified Health Coach

I left the corporate world to pursue my passion and personal health journey through functional medicine. No, I didn't know if coaching would be a good fit for me when I started my training, but I quickly learned that the principles of coaching, top-tier education and practice, combined with the *brilliance* of functional medicine was where I belongedSo when I got laid off and was thrust into full-time coaching, it seemed a bit like divine intervention.

Fast forward a few months, and here we are! Launching my business, figuring out social media (I never use it in my personal life), and working with the most amazing clients. Will you be next?


I completed my Functional Medicine Health Coaching Certification (March '23), and this summer I will take the National Board Exam (NBHWC) - the premier credential for health & wellness coaches in the US.


Join me with SimplyNourished Health Coaching to optimize energy, bust stress, and navigate nutrition today and for decades to come. Live healthier, longer, and happier when you decide to prioritize wellness everyone, one step at a time.

Let me show you how.

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Meet Meredith
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Healthy Starts Here

Enhance energy, squash stress, and navigate nutrition

Why Health Coaching
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Why Health Coaching?

You can improve

Gut Health

Ever wondered if what you're eating is causing that bloat? Not sure what it is or how to cut it out?


Everything we eat affects our blood sugar, which affects our mood, sleep, energy level. Are you more lethargic than you used to be or feel you 'should' be?


Body, mind and spirit - cultivating strength in all dimensions of life is a hallmark of my health coaching style.

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Women's Health

Did you know that what we eat, how we sleep, our stress levels and physical environment can make or break our fertility, cause or cure painful periods, and heal blemished skin?

Weight Loss

Many of my clients want to lose weight. I've applied the principles of functional nutrition to my own lifestyle and lost (and kept off) about 12lbs of body fat.


We all have it, but are you managing it well? It could be affecting your sleep, relationships, weight loss program, and libido.


"I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to come out of coaching. I worked through my motivations, steps to get to my goals and breaking down everything into smaller, achievable steps. Meredith makes me think and question my choices in a positive light. Upon concluding the course I can look back and see the positive changes I've made since. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking to make improvements to their life and seeking third-party assistance."

- Sean T



Your Health Starts Here

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